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Test Kitchen Prototypes

Test Kitchen Prototypes

Test Kitchen Prototypes


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Our First Ever Subscription!

Join us on a journey to create the best chocolate products in the world and get exclusive access to the most excellent innovations flying around the NOMNOM kitchen delivered to your door once a month. Everything from bars to bon bons to delicious inventions that can't yet be available to the world. Shape the direction of our products and the future of chocolate by taking part in tasting sessions and sensory evaluations exploring all the elements that make up the finest in chocolate making alchemy. 

This subscription brings you right into the heart of NOMNOM receiving all the inventions and delectable feats of chocolate making magic that our chocolate makers cook up and invent here each week. Like having your very own Willy Wonka  in the kitchen cupboard.

This is a Monthly subscription sent at the end of every month (each month will be a different day by way of surprise. If you have a dog or wild children that you keep locked in the house that may savage your parcel whilst you're out, let us know and we'll make it savage proof!)

The very nature of the wild inventioning that happens at NOMNOM means this subscription can change format every month. We are not intending to make a profit at all on these boxes and therefore assure you that you will get bang for your buck but we cannot promise a consistent weight or be anymore specific on what will be in the box. This product is strictly for the wild,curious and daring!

Our hope is that all of our test kitchen subscribers will become a key part of our development process allowing us to test out wild ideas and shape the future of the chocolate industry, a family of chocolate addicts that we can call on to test our mad ideas before they reach a wider audience.

This subscription is not for people that like to know what to expect! 

Welcome to the dark side.
Love, Lust & Marmalade 
Liam x


Some stuff thats come up since launch that you may want to be aware of before subscribing...... 

Sometimes this subscription will include alcohol, gluten, dairy and other allergens. unfortunately we are unable to make alterations to this so if your mind, body and soul doesn't agree with anything like this you are probably best to avoid this subscription. More will be coming soon though so stay tuned!

Subscription lasts for as long as you want it to. You can cancel at anytime.

Because of the way our payment system works you will be charged at the start of the month but will not receive your parcel until the end of the month. 

Some people have experienced a problem where on checkout it says that the product is out of stock. - this is nonsense and we are trying to find out why it is happening. We suspect it is a browser issue or the like. If you are having this problem please get in touch with Liam at