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For 25 years Pemberton’s Chocolate lived here booming with life and flowing with chocolate.

Five years ago the factory closed its gates. At the time NOMNOM was just a pup running out of a caravan in Liam’s mum’s garden.

Then fate had its way. A handful of months ago we moved into the old cowsheds and parlours of this once majestic attraction. We had no idea what was waiting to be discovered as we set out on our journey to put the chocolate back into the chocolate farm.

Amongst the many curious artefacts left behind when the factory closed is an extraordinary collection of old chocolate moulds. Thousands of them.

We intend to turn each mould left behind into beautiful hand painted sculptures of edible art, each one capturing the macabre spirit of this enchanting place.

Entirely unique, each one of these delectable one-off pieces lays another brick in the foundations of building the greatest chocolate factory in Wales.

We hope that by selling the full collection of moulds we will raise enough money to re-open the chocolate farm to the public and create a space not only for great chocolate but for great ideas too.