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Old Books


***Limited Edition Bar***

A vintage tale of alchemical romance and Uncommon Sense, this is the story of The Perfumer and the Chocolate Maker.

Ladies & Gentlemen, the library has been replenished! 

Tobacco, Hazelnut, Essence of Leather, Frankincense, Myrhh and Oak Smoked Welsh Sea Salt. A single taste of this curious chocolate will transport you across space and time and have you reclining on a leather chair in a smoke whispering library.

This most extraordinary bar was created in collaboration with our friend and master perfumer Azzi Glasser to capture the spirit of her enchanting fragrance "Old Books" in a chocolate bar.

Each bar comes with a vial of her magic scent "Old Books".

A favourite of a certain Mr Stephen Fry who says of the fragrance ...  "Absurd as the name may seem, the actual fragrance entirely lives up to it. I am in a library, I am happy, excited and filled with the double sense of calm and adventure that libraries and old books promise."


 Each Bar Made To Order, We Aim To Send You Your Bar Within Two Weeks.

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