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You may have heard that we've taken over an Abandoned Chocolate Factory here in our home town Llanboidy. It was shut down some years ago but we have now embarked on a journey to reimagine what a chocolate factory of the future might look like. A place that makes great chocolate but a farm that grows great people and ideas too?

The thing is we don't care too much for bankers. We're looking for a new way to grow our company and turn this thing into something truly remarkable. For everyone. Forever. 

We want to build our company with and for the people that love our chocolate. It just seems like the right way to do it.

So we are making some chocolate bricks.

1,000 of them. 

When the bricks are all sold, we build. 

As a Builder you'll get a handmade chocolate brick in a beautiful personalised biscuit tin and we get your name on a real brick here at the farm. As a builder you'll also receive a whole bunch of deliciousness, one of a kind experiences and a golden ticket to come break bread and dance at one of our legendary Builders Tea Parties.

We believe in the power of the crowd, the people and their will to make great things happen.

Join Us.

Change the game. 

Buy a Brick. 

Builders Wanted. 

 *Each brick will be made by hand for you personally and sealed in a one of a kind biscuit tin designed by Mr Tom Frost (also of Llanboidy!)

*** If buying a brick as a gift please provide us with their name & email address in the order notes when you checkout. 


*****Any Flavour You Can Imagine Option***** If you select this option on the drop down selection box we will make your brick in any flavour you like. Yes ANY. One of our flavour artistes will be in touch to discuss your idea and then will set to work turning your wild combination into a brick. So go nuts, we like a challenge.