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Lot #8: ACF Santa & Reindeer

Lot #8: ACF Santa & Reindeer

There are 10 Handmade, Hand-Painted Santa & Reindeer Sculptures.

There are 2 Original Abandoned Chocolate Factory Santa & Reindeer Moulds.

The top 10 bidders will receive one of the 10 Santa & Reindeer sculptures.

The top 2 bidders will receive their sculpture in one of the 4 original Abandoned Chocolate Factory moulds.

Every winner receives a glass dome for display. Sculptures will be shipped to arrive before Christmas.


We couldn't bear to leave these abandoned moulds lifeless and hollow any longer. Instead, we are turning these abandoned moulds into one-off, beautiful, hand painted sculptures of edible art. Each capturing the macabre spirit of this enchanting place. Putting life into the moulds to put life into this Factory once again. Over the course of 12 months it is our intent to re-home every last mould and in turn, raise enough money to turn The Abandoned Chocolate Factory into a place that not only makes great chocolate, but into a farm that grows great people and ideas too.

Each sculpture will be entirely unique and each one of these delectable pieces will help mould the foundations of The Abandoned Chocolate Factory. We believe in the power of the crowd, the people and their will to make great things happen.

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