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Freak Bars: Marmalade On Toast


Leaky Marmalade Bars - In need of a loving home.

We had a bad day making marmalade bars this week. We just couldn’t contain the delectable oozy greatness of this particularly delicious batch of marmalade. The balance and science between keeping an oozy middle and capturing it inside of chocolate failed us this time.

Sometimes though, there is beauty in our mistakes and these bars are deserving of our love.

These poor little orphan chocolate bars are a right sticky mess but just like the wonky carrots and parsnips in fields across Britain, unloved and forgotten by the supermarket shelves, these bars are full of flavour, if not vanity.

Somebody has to love them but there’s only so many that can have a home here in Llanboidy and only so many marmalade brownies we can consume in a day at the factory.

Given that seville orange season only comes once a year and brightens even the darkest days of winter we thought it best to offer these little rejected freaks a home.

Poor things.

Delightful and charming as they are. They’re just not good enough to be tailored in the fine silks of a thoroughbred NOMNOM bar. 

*Usually only available to residents of Llanboidy and patrons of Rodneys Post Office, get them before they’re gone.

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