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Design your own chocolate bar

Design your own chocolate bar



The perfect gift for Easter... and beyond.  We'll send out a golden ticket for you to give to your lucky recipient at Easter time so they can book this amazing experience to design their own own chocolate bar.

Or you can book it for yourself of course : ) 

This experience is totally bespoke and our team of conjurers and crafters will work with you in advance of your trip to Llanboidy so we can come up with ideas to perfect on the day of your visit.  

All you need to do is dream up your perfect flavour - anywhere on the spectrum between the sublime and the ridiculous - the only limit is your imagination.

Whether it's a fabulously fruity delight, an ode to nuts or a totally bonkers savoury version (we've had requests for chicken noodle soup flavour before) we will work with you to create a recipe for a bar as unique as you are.

While the bars are setting, our on site design team will work with you to create your own personalised wrapper and then you'll get to foil and wrap your bars with the rest of the team.

And obviously, we'll include a supply for you to give to your friends and family so they get to taste the magic too.